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Our Veterinary Services

The team at Carey Animal Clinic provides the following veterinary services to our patients. Please click on any service in the list below to learn more about our offerings. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Many pets who experience skin discomfort, sores, ear infections, and more are actually suffering from allergies. At Carey Animal Clinic, our veterinary team can help identify the cause of your pet’s allergic reactions using blood testing. Treatments may include desensitization injections, medicated treatments, and dietary changes.


Bad breath is common in pets, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. Bad breath is often a sign of a health concern. Plaque and tartar buildup when left untreated could result in serious dental disease. We perform dental checks as a part of our wellness physicals and recommend professional, anesthetized dental cleanings for pets who need a little extra attention.

Year-round at-home dental maintenance is important as well. We sell a variety of dental products at Carey Animal Clinic, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, gel, and dental diets.

Canine Disease Pictures
Feline Disease Pictures
Bad Breath in Pets
Brushing Your Pet's Teeth

Digital X-Ray

We utilize the advanced technology of digital x-ray at Carey Animal Clinic. Digital x-ray is more efficient, producing better quality images.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to process a variety of tests quickly and efficiently. Some of the tests we can provide on-site include heartworm, feline leukemia, blood chemistry, and CBC (complete blood count).

Laser Therapy

Carey Animal Clinic offers Companion Laser Therapy technology for our patients. Some of the conditions that benefit from laser therapy are:

Laser therapy is a wonderful, non-invasive option to aid in the treatment of several different medical conditions.


Microchipping your pet is critical in the event that you and your pet ever become separated. While collars and tags can be removed from your pet, a microchip will always be registered to you. We provide the HomeAgain microchip at Carey Animal Clinic, and we register the chip for you initially. Remember it is your responsibility to update your profile periodically if you move or change your contact information.


Surgeries at Carey Animal Hospital are as safe as possible as we utilize complete surgical, anesthesia, and heart rate monitoring on each one of our patients. We perform a wide range of surgical services including spay and neuter, growth removal, and general soft tissue surgery. We offer some small animal orthopedics however often refer more complicated cases to a specialist.

Preanesthetic testing: What You Need to Know Before Your Pet’s Surgery


Carey Animal Clinic has an ultrasound unit for diagnostics. We often use ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy or identify tumors and other abnormalities within the abdominal cavity. We also can arrange an appointment with a cardiac specialist to come to our clinic to perform heart ultrasounds.


Puppies and Kittens

When new puppies or kittens are brought into our practice, we like to get them started on the right paw by providing information in a new pet kit. This kit includes literature about pet care as well as samples of preventative options.

Because we have so much to cover in your pet’s first visit, we often recommend putting aside a little extra time for the appointment. Puppies and kittens require a series of visits in their first six months to ensure proper vaccination and preventative care.

Adult Pets

Adult pets have varied needs, depending on their individual health condition. We recommend an emphasis on preventive care for adult pets. This is the stage where it is most important to maintain your pet’s health to ensure a long and healthy life! Prevention is much more cost-effective than treatment.

Preventive Care for Cats
Preventive Care for Dogs
Signs of Illness in Cats

Senior Wellness

With senior pets, our care focus tends to be more often on diagnostics. We recommend more than one visit per year so that we can keep an eye on developing conditions and begin treatment as quickly as possible. If you are not sure if your pet is a senior, please ask us. Your pet’s senior status varies by age, weight, breed, and overall health.

Determine Whether Your Pet is a Senior

We recommend completing our Senior Pet Health Evaluation Form and bringing it in to your senior pet’s visit. This information can help us identify your pet’s health condition and needs.

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